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UI & UX Micro-Tips

8-Bit Edition

36 awesome UI & UX Micro-Tips all presented in 8-Bit Pixel fashion.
Why? Well just because they look so damn cool! 😜


36 Tips to improve your designs

A quick, and easy guide that you can reference, time and time again.
None of that 'fluff'. Just easily applied tips to improve your design projects.


Presented on an 8-Bit tip!

Why? Well, 8-Bit is the new... erm... 64-Bit?!
Oh. And they look pretty cool to show your friends, and you're supporting a great cause.


A valuable reference guide

Refer back to the guide quickly, and easily. Time and time again.
Hand it out to your team-mates. Let them be as darn cool as you!


Here's a sneak peek...

Want to see what goodies lie inside? You do! Well, here you go awesome one...

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All proceeds go to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

  • 36 Super-Useful UI & UX Tips

  • Improve your designs instantly

  • A valuable reference guide

  • Support a really great cause

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